The normalcy of anxiety

hamsterstress“We should never exacerbate our suffering by trying to push our disquiet aggressively away. Our lack of calm isn’t deplorable or a sign of weakness. It is simply the justifiable expression of our mysterious participation in a disordered, uncertain world.”

In other words, anxiety is a normal state and part of the adventure of being human. Read this article in full and it will make you feel less crazy – I promise. In general I am enjoying reading articles on the Book of Life site and I recommend signing up for their newsletter if the book seems like too much information. That’s what I did and I am finding very useful insights.

About Mona

I am a wife and mother, a once-Catholic now UCC Christian, with a degree in Theology, a Masters in Religious Education, 27 years of theology teaching experience -- mainly High School, some College. I am now nationally certified as a Chaplain and feeling humbled and privileged every day. I love my family and I love to write; writing helps keep me sane. Published writing: • From Hurt To Healing, Publish America 2004, ebook on Amazon, 2011; •"Forgive and Forget," America Magazine, September 16, 2002; •"From Victim to Victimizer," Human Development Magazine, Summer 2005; • It's Just Not Fair, Introducing The Fairly-Good Mother, ebook at Amazon, 2011; • Traces of Hope: Surviving Grief and Loss, March 2015, St. Johann Press
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2 Responses to The normalcy of anxiety

  1. Mona, would you include ‘fear’ in that natural anxiety? I experienced real fear. Fear that was polarizing. It surprised me. I had never been afraid before. I could cope with the pain, never with the hurt, but the mental anguish of losing the peace that exists in the human soul was a fear, beyond mean anxiety. B.

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